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Haunted Cowboy Sounds Track 2: Candace

“This old tree reminds me of, 

    A love we used to share. 

You had to go, 

    I know that now...” 


Ah, Candace… Honestly, probably my favourite song off the Haunted Cowboy Sounds album, that’s why I wanted to include…

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The Story Behind the Haunted Cowboy Sounds Album

Introducing Haunted Cowboy Sounds - A 10-song collection of sadly-optimistic indie folk songs, exploring the highs and lows of love. The uplifting feeling of finding love - the heartbreak of saying goodbye. 


If you have been following along on my…

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Who or What is The Robotanist?

“Whatever it is going to be, it becomes that.” - George Harrison in Get Back 


It is a question I am often asked, and it is a question I will never tire of answering. Who, or what, is a Robotanist…

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