Andrew has that classic Canadian sound and is a natural heir to a great tradition.” - James Scott - Polite Society

Andrew Rodger

For almost 30 years, Andrew Rodger has performed as a solo artist, with his band Stop Yelling, and with various other bands throughout Canada. 

After a lengthy break from the music world, Andrew is back in full-force with his latest releases: 

The Robotanist, Free Range Muffins, Twilight SongsYou and Me (Songs for Kids) and My Best Friend "B" (Songs for Kids Volume 2).

Andrew's latest sadly-optimistic indie folk albums, Haunted Cowboy Sounds and its companion album, The Wanderer EP, are available on Bandcamp and all streaming services.

On June 22nd, Andrew released The WOMBAT Project - a 90's ambient electronica inspired study of emotion through motion.

SOCAN member

The Alchemy of Clouds

Andrew Rodger

A heartfelt 13-track collection of sadly-optimistic indie folk songs.

Inspired by Emily Austin's novel, Everyone In This Room Will Someday Be Dead, Andrew Rodger's The Alchemy of Clouds album explores the emotions, fears, and wonders of life.
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