A dad who is inspired by his family - what more could you ask for in a performer! Andrew's song lyrics will inspire you and your little ones!” - Sarah Argue, Professional Puppeteer and Children's Entertainer

You and Me (Songs for kids)

You and Me (Songs for Kids)

Andrew Rodger and Stop Yelling

For a few years now, I've known that I had at least one album's worth of kids songs floating around in my head. When I wrote "The Kangaroos Are Sleeping" in July of 2020, I realized I had the start of something...

However, one song is not an album!

As I began recording my Twilight Songs project, I had plenty of material to choose from - I had been writing songs for over 25 years. Suddenly though, in the middle of recording one album, I found myself unable to stop writing new material - the kids album.

While the pace and logistics of recording one album, while writing and recording a second album at the same time led to some very late nights, the energy flowing from these new songs filled my heart with joy!

And, since my return to the music world, that is my main focus and goal these days - spreading joy and healing.

If you are already a fan of my music, you will find that the nine songs on the You and Me album remain true to my unique brand of songwriting. If you are new to my music - well, welcome aboard! There's lots more on the way!!
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** Hello Teachers! Andrew is once again offering FREE 20-minute online shows for classes - best suited for JK to Grade 4/5. Just reach out via the contact form... **

Released in April 2021, You and Me (Songs for Kids)  is a 9-song collection of brand new material. Fun for kids of all ages and the entire family, these songs remain true to Andrew's unique songwriting style, while adding some imaginative fun to the mix.


Contact Andrew for booking and pricing info.

Andrew entertained us with a fun and engaging show. Not only did it consist of wonderful music, but also insight into where the ideas for his songs originated. Highly recommend!” - Carolyn Swayze, Youth Services Librarian - Arnprior Public Library
Such a ray of sunshine having Andrew join the class! His easy going nature and simple funny lyrics make his catchy songs easy to sing and we all wanted to get up and dance! Can't wait to have Andrew back in our classroom.” - Mrs. Dobson, RCDSB Kindergarten Teacher