Haunted Cowboy Sounds: The Instrumentals

"Sometimes we don't need words to express ourselves..."

- The Robotanist


As a singer-songwriter, it had never really occurred to me in my almost 30-years of songwriting to create an instrumental song for an album. After all, as a musical…

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The Story Behind The Wanderer EP

“On a lonely dusty trail 

Walks a lonely broken soul 

He’s so far from home 

     There’s nowhere left to go…” 


For those of you that know me personally or follow along regularly on Instagram and the other social media channels…

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Creating the Haunted Cowboy Sounds Cover Art

Album titles, and album covers… Along with the actual writing and recording of music, creating the titles and covers are two of my favourite things about the process. It’s a fantastic way to add a little personality to a project…

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Haunted Cowboy Sounds Track 2: Candace

“This old tree reminds me of, 

    A love we used to share. 

You had to go, 

    I know that now...” 


Ah, Candace… Honestly, probably my favourite song off the Haunted Cowboy Sounds album, that’s why I wanted to include…

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The Story Behind the Haunted Cowboy Sounds Album

Introducing Haunted Cowboy Sounds - A 10-song collection of sadly-optimistic indie folk songs, exploring the highs and lows of love. The uplifting feeling of finding love - the heartbreak of saying goodbye. 


If you have been following along on my…

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